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Unit One 短语集锦
1.去夏令营 go to summer camp2.买一些特别的东西buy something special
3.为考试准备 study for tests4.跟某人外出 go out with
5.去纽约市go to New York City6.好久不见long time no see
7.度假 be on vacation8.去某个有趣的地方 go somewhere interesting
9.大多数时间 most of the time 10.给母鸡喂食 feed chickens
11.除—外一无所有 nothing...but 12.当然,自然 of course 
13.似乎有点无聊 seem a little boring14记日记keep a diary/ keep diaries
15.令人愉快地活动 an enjoyable activities16.到达 arrive in/ at
17.决定去海滩decide to go to the beach18.尝试滑翔伞运动try paragliding 
19.感觉像一只小鸟 feel like a bird
20.想要骑车 want to ride bikes/ feel like riding bikes
21.中国商人的房子the house of the Chinese traders
22.在过去 in the past                23. 许多古老的建筑 many old buildings
24步行到山顶walk up to the top      25. 开始下小雨start raining a little
26.等了一个多小时的火车 wait over an hour for the train  
27.下大雨 rain hard/ rain heavily28.忘记带一把雨伞forget to bring an umbrella
29.又湿又冷wet and cold30.因为恶劣的天气because of bad weather
31.带着足够的钱 bring enough money32.足够大big enough
33.好像有点饿 seem a little hungry 34.与—一样好as good as
35 不如----好 not so good as
36.照了相当多的相片take quite a lot of photos/ take quite a few photos
37.停下来喝水stop to drink water38.继续前进keep going/ moving
39.激动地跳跃jump in excitement   40.二十分钟后twenty minutes later
41.如此---以至于so...that 42.升起come up
43.发现--find out44.尝起来很好吃taste good/ delicious
45.尽力去做某事try to do sth.46.停止做某事stop doing sth.
47.不喜欢做某事 dislike doing/ to do sth.48.继续做某事keep doing sth.
49.一碗米饭 a bowl of rice50为某人买某物buy sth. for sb.
Unit Two 短语集锦
1. 帮助做家务 help with housework      2. 在周末on weekends         
3. 去看电影 go to the movies           4. 几乎不  hardly ever
5. 每一天     every day             6. 一周两次  twice a week        
7. 使用网络 use the Internet           8. 上钢琴和舞蹈课have piano and dance lessons    
9. 怎么会? How come?               10. 熬夜 stay up      
11. 吃健康的早餐 eat a healthy breakfast      
12. 做运动  play sports/ do sports/ do exercise/ take exercise
13. 至少 at least   14. 放学后 after school   15. 多久一次   how often
16. 对……有益 be good for            17. 吃垃圾食品    eat junk food      
18. 在闲暇的时候  in the free time    19. 根本不   not... at all                  
20. 上网   go online   21. 问题的答案    the answer to the question  
22. 例如  such as / for example 23. 和……共度时光  spend time with 
24. 旧习难改   Old habits die hard.     25. 去看牙医  go to the dentist      
26. 超过,多于more than    27. 少于  less than 
28. 放松的最好方式 the best way to relax   29. 吃水果 eat fruit                       
30. 去购物   go shopping   
31.读英语书  read English books            32. 我最喜欢的节目 my favorite program 
33. 在周三和周五on Wednesday and Friday                                 
34. 和朋友打网球   play tennis with friends   35. 吃苹果 eat apples  
36.喝牛奶  drink milk                      37. 早睡  go to bed early   
38. 去乡下露营  go camping in the country    39. 打电脑游戏  play computer games  
40. 一周四到六次  four to six times a week
41.一名16岁的中学生a 16-year-old high school student
42.喝果汁 drink juice       43. 吃汉堡 eat hamburgers  
44. 洁牙(动词短语)clean the teeth   (名词短语)teeth cleaning 
45. 害怕…… be afraid of   害怕做某事be afraid to do sth.
Unit 3短语
1. 敲鼓 play the drums   2. 唱歌响亮 sing loudly    3. 起床早get up early
4. 工作努力 work hard   5. 歌唱比赛 the singing competition  
6. 唱得清楚sing clearly   7. 最重要的事情the most important thing  
8. 学习新的东西learn something new 9. 玩得高兴have fun (doing sth.)   
10. 在学校 at school 11. 有很酷的衣服have cool clothes
12. 在……有天赋be talented in 13. 和……一样 the same... as 
14. 擅长be good at (doing sth.) 15. 真的关心某人truly care about  
16. 让我笑make me laugh (make sb. do sth.) 
17. 一个好的倾听者a good listener  18. 对……重要 be important for sb. 
19. 像……一样 be like    20. 读书 read books  21.在课堂上 in class  
22. 喜欢一起学习enjoy studying together (enjoy doing sth) 
23. 交朋友make friends 
24. 只要 as long as  25. 和……不同be different from   26. 打网球 play tennis  
27. 让某人展现出最好的一面 bring out the best in sb.   
28. 取得好成绩get good grades 
29. 向你伸出援助之手reach for your hand  30. 触动你的心灵 touch your heart
31. 感觉很好feel well    32. 谈论某事 talk about sth.  
33.和某人分享 share sth. with sb.
34. 和……相似 be similar to  35. 小学生primary school students  
36. 善于和某人相处be good with
Unit Four 
1,等待时间 waiting time  2,购票快 buy tickets quickly
3,舒适的座椅comfortable seats  4,买衣服最便宜 buy clothes the most cheaply
5,选择歌曲最用心 choose songs the most carefully 
6播放最无聊的歌曲 play the most boring songs
7,到目前为止so far  8,坐得最舒服 sit the most comfortably
9, 根本不 not …at all    10,有最糟糕的服务have the worst service
11, 十分钟车程 10 minutes by bus. 12, 擅长做某事 be good at doing sth.
13, 才艺表演talent show  14, 越来越受欢迎 more and more popular
15,因……而感谢thanks for doing sth.  16,相似的节目similar shows
17,世界各地 all over the world /around the world  18,例如 such as /for example
19,有共同特征have…in common         20,寻找look for
21,最有天赋的舞者the most talented dancer   
22,最令人兴奋的魔术师the most exciting magician
23,各种各样的 all kinds of           24,弹钢琴最好play the piano the best
25,唱歌最动听sing the most beautifully   26,由……决定 be up to
27,参与,有影响,扮演……的角色 play a role in doing sth.
28,获得很好的奖品get a very good prize
29,表演者生活the lives of the performers         30,编造 make up 
31,事实上in fact              32,认真对待……take seriously
33,使他们的梦想成真make their dreams come true     34,在周末on weekends
35,散步take walks             36,拥挤,挤满be crowded with
Unit Five 短语总结
1. 脱口秀talk shows2. 肥皂剧 soap opera3.体育节目sports shows
4. 无意义的游戏节目meaningless game shows    5. 才艺节目 talent shows
6. 一场足球比赛 a soccer game                7. 从……中学习learn from
8. 进行一次关于...的讨论have a discussion about9. 动作影片action movies
10. 恐怖片 scary movies11. 想起,认为 think of
12. 一个著名的象征 a famous symbol  13. 美国文化 American culture
14. 有两只又大又圆耳朵的黑色老鼠the black mouse with two large round ears
15. 出版,发行, 出来 come out
16.第一部有声音和音乐的卡通片 the first cartoon with sound and music
17.变得富有和成功 become rich and successful 18. 在20世纪30年代 in the 1930s
19. 主要原因之一one of the main reasons  20. 面对任何危险face any danger
21. 在他早期的电影里in his early movies
22. 做某事有麻烦 have problems in doing sth.
23. 准备做某事be ready to do sth./ be ready for 
24. 尽某人最大努力做某事try one’s best to do sth.
25. 卡通角色cartoon characters           26. 以……出名 be famous for
27. 作为……出名 be famous as           28. 来自come from
29. 一个古老的中国故事   an old Chinese story  30. 乔装打扮 dress up 
31. 代替某人去做某事 take one’s place to do sth
32. 展示出她对家人、朋友和祖国的热爱show her love for her family, friends and country
33. 一些令人愉快的事something enjoyable  34. 想要做某事want to do sth.
35. 希望做某事hope to do sth.           36. 期待做某事expect to do sth.
37. 计划做某事plan to do sth.          38. 介意做某事mind doing sth.
39. 无法忍受做某事can’t stand doing sth.   40.发现,查明 find out
41. 发生,进展  go on    42. 一些有趣的信息some interesting information
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